Ag Instructors 

AG Teachers/ FFA Advisors

Elva Anderson

Mrs. Anderson teaches Ag Leadership, Ag Chemistry, Advanced Horticulture and  Advanced Interdisciplinary Ag Science. This is her sixth year teaching at Chico High School, previously she taught at River Valley High School in Yuba City. She has been very helpful in implementing her many ideas and getting down to work with her positive attitude. She coaches the Agronomy Team for the CDE competitions. She is the small animal and goat project leader. She also will be coaching the LDE contests Opening & Closing, Job Interview, Impromptu, and Extemporaneous.


Ronnie Cockrell

Mr. Cockrell teaches all of the Ag Welding classes at Chico High and has been teaching for 14 years here. He teaches Welding 1, Welding 2 and Advanced Welding classes and gives students the chance to get jobs after high school. He is able to give them business, welding, time management, and life skills through his classes. He is very much admired by his students, Chico High Staff, and the community. He supervises the FFA Henshaw Farm. With his get-it-done attitude, he helps the chapter accomplish many events and does a lot of the hard, behind the scenes work. He coaches the Ag Manufacturing CDE team.


Elizabeth Enke

Ms. Enke teaches Vet Science, Horticulture, Floral One, and Advanced Floral. This is her first year teaching at Chico High School, previously she taught at Biggs High School. Ms. Enke was an active member of her FFA Chapter of Bear River. She is a State Winner in Ag Sales and participated in Parliamentary Procedure. She will be coaching the LDE contests Opening & Closing, Creed, and Prepared Public Speaking as well as coach the Vet Science Team


Lidia Segoviano

Ms. Segoviano teaches Floral Design and Ag Biology. It is her First year teaching Ag at Chico High. She previously went to school at Chico State University where she student taught. She is a Yuba City High School Graduate. She was previously a chapter, section, and regional officer. She helps coach the Opening & Closing LDE contest. She encourages her students to work hard and pursue their dreams! We are so excited to have Ms. Segoviano teaching within our Ag Department because she has a can do attitude and many new ideas.


Chico FFA Supporting Staff


Carol has been a Campus Supervisor, and an avid supporter of Chico FFA for 13 years. Funny fact, she graduated as a Viking in Santa Rosa in 1980 however Panther pride runs deep in her now. While this was not her first job, it has brought her the most satisfaction and joy working with students and groups such as FFA. She loves water skiing and would never turn down a piece of chocolate!