Elective Courses

Chico High Ag Program Course Catalog

Courses that are UC & CSU A-G compliant are designated with the corresponding letter next to the course title. 

Teachers: Mr. Cockrell (AG 2) 

Welding 1 (G)

This course will improve student’s arc welding skills with an emphasis on OAW/SMAW. Power sources, electrode identification, weldability of metals, and joint design. Course activities include learning to weld stringer and weave bead, butt and fillet welds in the flat position. 

Teacher: Mr. Cockrell (AG 2)

Welding 2 & Adv Welding (G)

This course will improve students arc welding skills with emphasis on OAW/SMAW. Power Sources, electrode identification, weldability of metals, and joint designs. Course activities include learning to weld stringer and weave bead, butt and fillet welds in the flat and horizontal positions. 

Teacher: Mrs. Anderson ( J121) and Ms. Enke  (IT-2)

Horticulture (G)

This course is designed to develop critical skills in the areas of nursery management, landscaping, plant reproduction, plant physiology, pest management and plant identification. Class activities will include greenhouse production in the fall and spring. Using knowledge of scientific protocols as well as course content, students will develop an agriscience research program to be conducted throughout the first semester of the course. TO complete that project, each student will investigate and test an agriscience research question by formulating a scientific question related to the course content. The result of this research program will be a research and experimentation paper that is technically written and based on scientific protocol. Throughout the course, students will be graded on participation in intracurricular FFA activities as well as the development and maintenance of an ongoing research supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program. This SAE will be taken to the Silver Dollar Fair in the Spring.

Teacher: Mrs. Anderson (J121)

Ag Leadership (G)

Agricultural Leadership is designed for students interested in learning and improving leadership skills and to provide time and training to better assume the responsibilities required for student leaders. This course is designed to build the leadership capacity of high school agriculture students.  Emphasis is placed on the development and application of leadership skills and on the actual organization of chapter activities and functions. This course offers students the opportunity to develop a new range of skill sets, including personal leadership, working as a team, and establishing a vision for our Chapter.  These skill sets and habits of mind will support students as leaders at CHS, Chico FFA Chapter, and can also be applied to future college and career goals. The ultimate outcome of this course is the development of a new generation of young leaders prepared to take on the challenges & opportunities in the agriculture community.