2022/2023 CDE & LDE Teams


When joining the floral team and competing you will create flower arrangements, identify plant materials, floral ID, tool Id reasons and taker a general knowledge test.


Agronomy is the study of crop and field management.  there are five main activities in the competition. Hay judging, grain judging, pest ID, plant ID, and disorders and diseases. 

Vet Team 

At competitions, you will compete in categories such as tool ID, breed ID, parasite ID, and general knowledge test, and 3 practicums.


 Members of the welding manufacturing team use knowledge of welding to create a fire pit in a simulated job scenario, they are then judged on safety, uniqueness, and fit and finish.

2023 LDE Members

Prepared Public Speaking - Marie Huitt

Extemporaneous - Emerson Christopher, Tatum Darlington

Job Interview - Marki Owen, Paige Connors, Dayanara Guzman

Creed - Chelsea Alderson, Amy Armstrong

Opening and Closing Contest 2022

2 Novice Teams

2 Advanced Teams

2021/2022 CDE and LDE Teams