Program of Activities

The Program of Activities (POA) is a required document that serves as a road map for chapter members at the local level. Each chapter turns their POA into the State Association, and it ensures that chapters are accomplishing their goals and meeting the needs of members and community. The purpose of the Program of Activities is to give a reference for members to look up questions about the chapter. This the master document for our chapter and holds all the information a member would need. Also comprised in this document members have access to Chico FFA’s official Constitution and By-laws. The Program of Activities (POA)  gives dates of events, information about the chapter, and FFA in general. It shows current officer teams both locally and nationally, and shows how to apply for conferences and degrees. The POA is a manual specifically for the Chico FFA Chapter.

This Document was Developed, Comprised, and Published by the Program of Activities Committee along with assistance from the entire Ag Leadership Class. 

Committee Chair: Marie Huitt, President

23-24 POA Master Document

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)

Strengths: Consistent events, good use of communication options, all members have SAE projects in the AET Record book.

Weaknesses: Small group of involved members, low attendance to conferences like MFE or ALA, Low numbers of Pathway Completers in Ag Classes.

Opportunities: More student involvement in Offices above the chapter level, improvements to SAE facilities for students.

Threats: Lower enrollment in ag classes

Chapter SMART Goal

2023 - 2024 Chico FFA SMART Goal

Our SMART goal for this semester is to have in increase in the number of members who attend our year end banquet. We will have until May 8th, 2024 to complete our goal. This goal will be measured using the AET Meeting Manager.

2022 - 2023 SMART Goal Outcome

We did not have an identified SMART goal in the previous school year.

New Point Award System 

Every student is enrolled in an FFA class must go to at least three FFA events each semester where they can earn FFA Activity Points to turn in at the end of each semester for a percentage of their grade. At the end of the year the highest point individuals will be eligible for the Point Awards Trip. This year several new changes have been made in relation to documenting each member's FFA credit. Within the Chico FFA chapter, FFA participation is worth 10%, and Supervised Agricultural Experience participation is worth 5% of students final grades, totalling to 15%. In order to achieve the 10% FFA Credit, members must attend at least 3 Chapter FFA events per semester. (For more information refer to Eligibility for Members) This new system is much easier for everyone to keep track of their FFA points. Every student will be receiving a digital “FFA ID Card” with their name, picture, and a barcode on it. At each event a member attends, the card will be scanned and points will be automatically entered into the AET Record Book. Each event is weighted for a different amount of points that count towards the free trip to Six Flags for the highest point members at the end of the school year. The point distribution can be found in the Point Award System. However for class credit, all events are the same amount of points. 

For more information on our Point Award System please refer to the according section towards the bottom of the POA (above).